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Explanation: The "Khir sagar " is the symbol of our mortal world's Sansar, it's always floating.. ever changing, irrespective of all those high & low if a person can be calm and be cool, ignore the irrelevant facts from life, can be relaxed & work from inside, eventually all elements of the universe will give him protection. For sure he will earn the attraction of "Wealth - The Dhanlakhmi". If you destroy a body the "Navi" don't get destroyed, it's the CORE of next life.. where your spirit mix with nature and take new form, hence "Brahma" the symbol of "Creation" is inside you.. don't LET ANYONE DEFINE YOUR LIFE.. make it the WAY YOU WANT.

cyber security


With numerous consumer devices, that access enterprise network, mobile data security has been a top concern in the enterprise.

As an IT administrator, a number of tools exist at your disposal for securing corporate data. You may even use mobile device management system for passcodes. The devices can be remotely wiped when necessary. Be sure that users are educated about keeping the data safe. Some employees may not be aware of all the security tools built into their devices. They may be unaware of the risks associated with downloading applications.
Here are some tips on mobile data security that enables learning more about the risks, that the smartphones and tablets are posing to corporate data. The tools which can be used for mitigating them.
Mobile data security primer Mobile devices which carry enterprise data and even access corporate network is risky in terms of keeping sensitive information safe. It is essential to stop corporate data to leak from user's devices. You can use many tools like remote wipe, encryption, mobile device management software and even more.
Safeguard for iOS Apple security: The reputation for security is fairly strong for Apple. But it's definitely possible for iPhones and iPads for getting malware and also infecting the enterprise. There are also ways which hackers can get past the security features available on the devices. The features like passcodes and FindMyiPhone are not available to users. This makes it even easier for a data thief to get the corporate information they want. Just check how Apple has improved security over the years. How the company's data could be leaked and what can be done about it.
Use your head: Android security: When compared to apple, some people think Android gets low marks when it comes to security. It's definitely true Google Play is the host for some malware issues in the past. There are some new security features added by Google to the marketplace and also Android operating system. There are also ways which IT can help users for keeping corporate data safe like encouraging workers to use common sense downloading practices. In case an insecure enterprise mobile device is lost or stolen, its owner can do nothing for ensuring the safety of the data stored on the device. So it is necessary for IT to work with users and even take precautions for mobile device security before the device is lost or valuable data falls into the wrong hands.
Apple's iOS and Android Operating system offer identical options to protect data on enterprise mobile device which are lost or stolen.
Four steps given below are best practices. These are applicable to most devices and Oses.
Mobile device security: This starts with the configuration of appropriate screen protection. A number of options are available like PINs pattern and also passwords. However, it doesn't matter which protection method the user chooses.There is no way of protecting data on a missing device, in case the screen protection isn't enabled in advance.IT requires the use of screen protection through Exchange ActiveSync or most enterprise mobile device management software. After you configure screen protection, just set a policy that protects against unauthorized access. The most common type of policy wipes a device's content after a specified number of failed password entries.
Encryption enterprise mobile devices: So as to take data protection to the next level, encrypting enterprise mobile devices is important. Encryption is most important, because a mobile device is a kind of computer, for storing data in a file system on a disk. There are a number of ways of accessing data. For example, anyone can connect a mobile device to a Linux computer offering support for all file systems ever created. When connected, the device acts as an external hard disk, and whatever you store in the device becomes readable on the computer. Some devices don't even take a Linux computer for accessing data. Most smartphones open automatically when connected to Windows 7. This enables the users to copy files to and from their devices. Encryption enables protection against the mobile device security threats. Just after you enter the right PIN, pattern or password will the person connected to the device be able to access the data.
Improve the mobile security device with the help of remote wipe: Remote wipe capabilities lets users or IT delete data from the lost or stolen device. It adds an extra layer of protection. Remote wipe is available for devices having SIM Cards for 3G or 4G data networks, as long as the device is connected to the network.
So as to make a remote wipe to work, a device must be registered before it gets lost. The Users can register their devices through the manufacturer's website and sometimes through third-party security app as well. In case the device is lost or stolen, it's too late to register the device and it could be too late for saving the data.
In case of Honesty: Not every missing enterprise mobile devices, end up in the hands of the evil-doer. An honest person could easily find the device, in which case it should be easy for that person to find the device owner. Just configure the mobile devices, for displaying these contact details before login.This information could easily help someone return devices to their owners and also prevent unnecessary remote wipes.

Impact of AI


The umbrella term for software and hardware it automates the human resources function in organization. One of the most discussed and debated trends of the contemporary times in the HR Technology is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As per recent predictions, AI is going to be the crunch point, in terms of productivity for HR professionals. It has been feared by many professionals that machine is going to take away their jobs. Basically there is no reason to be cautiously optimistic; this is quite early to predict the actual impact of AI in HR and Talent Acquisition. Just like any other technology, if not used properly and with appropriate strategy, the users may fall into difficulty. Before we begin discussing, let’s take a look to find what AI means actually. Artificial Intelligence forms the area of computer science where the computers behave similarly like a human brain.

Four Ways in which AI could impact HR
Personalization/Onboarding: Each new employee has his or her respective learning preferences. Any onboarding and training software doesn’t always support these. The employee related training and also coaching forms one of the potential impacts of AI. The machine learning algorithm making movie and restaurant recommendation will be available to develop similar customization for new employees in training. With collection of more employee data, the system should become even smarter, thus making better recommendation and more efficient training.
Scheduling: Just imagine a world, where you have a machine to book meetings, schedules and also order food without doing any single thing. Does it sound nice to you? Let’s introduce you to Amy Ingram. Amy Ingram is an AI personal assistant aiming to take away the pain of scheduling. The systems like Amy Ingram has become one of the popular tools for the schedule of interview, performance reviews.
Candidate Engagement: All teams don’t have enough recruiters and even right tools enabling them to engage with their talents as often as they should. We can potentially use AI, which enables the automation of email sending and also status message. If properly done this could lead to an improvement in the candidate experience. The automation messages are not always welcome by the end user. So it will be authenticity, which is going to be the name of the game.
Prediction: Assessing and predicting future turnover, employee engagement, and training needs, and also other workforce trends engages a lot of time, but this forms to be a critical component of HR. AI and deep learning must use data for accurate and quicker prediction than ever before. The information provided could be invaluable to HR professionals to help advise organization on change.
Sentiment Analysis: When comes to sentiment analysis, AI is another game changer. The companies having a huge of survey data, and also feedback data and AI can easily identify the trends in the sentiments of employees. This also helps in locating geographies, offices or teams, which are under stressful condition by monitoring the sentiment of their emails and conversation. This marks the beginning; there will be developments in future. Video Interviews: At least 40 to 50% companies are now using video-based interview. These videos are stored in database and can be analyzed by AI for determining the interviewee’s mood. It judges whether or not the candidate is telling the truth; and also other components like candidate’s skills, language and education level.
Hindrances for adopting AI:
Though quickly becoming powerful, into the HR industry; there are number of barriers witnessed, which includes lack of expertise for adopting automation, lack of support for change management and also unstable infrastructure to manage the employee records. Nevertheless the robots can never be a substitute of human in HR as they are unable to address sensitive problems in the workplace just like a human being.
The future growth
AI has become one of the vital tech trends, which must be embraced to drive inch perfect decision-making and also effective people management. So as to tackle the obstacles, HR teams must encourage for relieving their fears. So it is essential for the employers to train the HR department to work jointly with advanced technologies thus comprehending the power of robotics in HR.



Blockchain technology always have a huge effect on the traditional financial system, when it comes to cost optimisation, its operational abilities and growing transperancy. As per research from U.K based global mutual funds, network Calastone, it is possible for the mutual Fund industry to save $2.6 billion using blockchain. How a mutual fund could be benefitted using Blockchain? Blockchain forms the backbone of cryptocurrency. With its use the transactions becomes quicker, easier and safer. It doesn't require anyone to have control over it, for blockchain to fully work. There is a growing tendency among the financial institutions to implement it to their system. It has many interesting features, like the possibility to allow an efficient circulation of data on a specific network. It is also useful to save money.
The survey which is conducted on 234 mutual fund technologies, determines the tangible value of Blockchain technology.The report clearly states that through blockchain, it is possible to automate fund investment thus saving on huge cost which can be significant value potential for the industry.
Calastone is completely in favor of blockchain technology: A pioneer in the arena of digital finance system, Calastone recently claimed the benefits they acquire from blockchain.The global funds markets are saving £458 million, from it. Thanks to the technology, we expect even more in future. Each and every requirement which is related to cost effectiveness, regulation needs and others are efficiently met by this technology. The company plans to move its network over Blockchain in 2019. Last year the company used blockchain to sucessfully buy and sell the mutual funds under test conditions. The technology is able to process a full day's worth of transactions from across its client base.
Not only the British mutual industry,even other mutual funds are also benefitted from Blockchain. If any other mutual funds in the world implements this technology, into their system, it can save upto $2.6 billion money. Its exceptionally popular: Even if a bright future of cryptocurrencies are not expected, a blockchain technology is always praised.

Blockchain not only saves money, it also help to generate some and through many means.Ethereum is one of the most promising blockchains, as it can host more than mere cryptocurrencies transactions. A Blockchain is a “sociological innovation” and its benefits are beyond any expectations. There has been a steady working to make it possible for the videos to be streamed on blockchain. Earlier at the time of digitization phase, a global funds market saved around £ 458 mn ($635 mn).



After the whole day work, you are going home ; feeling odd... a lot of thoughts are juggling in your head ; you put your body on da bed and the head in the cozy pillow, and there are thoughts which you can't explain to anyone.. the thought of doing something different, which says- 1. "You need to get going.. you can't stop, you need to think different to create value.. " 2. " You might be wrong, you know.. may be you should talk to few people.. " 3. "I'm not getting what I want, may be starting a business is not a good decision .." 4." Yah, I should be looking for a job now. This is not my cup of tea.."

But you yourself is making another statement in your mind " Let me push a little bit, let me see what it takes, let me TRY AGAIN" .. Trust me if you are a start-up and this is what you are thinking YOU ARE JUST right on track.. don't stop.. keep riding your "Tiger". Take a deep breath there are things which you can't share with your family, there are things which is ONLY for you.. because you are an Entrepreneur . Don't make only money, create value.

Arijit Bhattacharya


Snakes are able to adapt to different terrains and the harshest of environments.When they make a move, it is usually fast, direct and on target. But you can’t predict the way they will move, as they don’t go straight, so in real life if you move you need to be focused, but no one should predict how you are moving towards your goal. Having said that, we will do well to remember that in an unpredictable world, we must find ways to ring fence ourselves against real and potential enemies.
Snakes do have poison in their brain, it never kills the snake but the snake uses it’s poison to hit others, similarly, as a human the poison is within our brain, it teaches us the poison within our own mind shouldn’t affect us, rather we need to learn how to use that to affect others. Snakes are able to adapt to different terrains and the harshest of environments.So as a human being we need to understand how to be adaptive.
They will shed their overstretched skins so that they can grow a new one.Life is a series of new beginnings. We must be prepared and forget negative experiences that serve no purpose in our lives to start a new chapter, a new beginning so that we can focus on crafting a meaningful, exciting and fulfilling future.

They are silent predators, so whatever you do in your life, do it quietly, be steady, have a backbone, but don’t shout and show what you are doing publicly unless it’s needed.While doing your bit in the mortal world, don’t sleep like dead, do business do work but keep your eyes open, learn to do hibernate.Just because you can attack, doesn’t mean that you should, snakes do attack out of fear, so in life a person attacks directly if he/she fear someone. instead of using aggression as a last resort, we often go straight for the jugular. The other party may be wrong, insensitive, rude, offensive, derogatory, mean-spirited and completely deserve to be given both barrels verbally. But you’re not in control of their actions, only yours.
Snakes have poor eyesight. They trust on their senses. They use their tongue to detect what’s going on around them. So in reality, don’t always rely on your eyes, rely on your gut feelings. With our goals, we need to constantly check to make sure that we are on track. Before you make a decision ask yourself, is this going to take you closer or further away from your aims! There are other qualities of snakes as well, I might describe them in my other post as well, but for the readers, think of the GOD who poses 64 Kala in the universe, and holds snake in his neck and is asking us to learn from snakes.

Arijit Bhattacharyya


Someone asked me "What do you do?" I said I ride Tiger. He was confused. Well, entrepreneurship for me is riding "TIGER" when it's a cub, you need to alimentar properly, grow/ criarse it well, so that one day you can ride on the top of it. The best part is, if you start you can’t stop. You need to learn how to feed it; it's a journey which is never ending... If you stop and it’s hungry, it will kill you. If you don't feed it well, it will be dead, you can't ride.

It depends on YOU, whether you are growing it as Royal Bengal Tiger, Amur, Jaguar or Panther. I would love to DIE while riding, and see that my TIGER grows and have it’s family.. Amen.

stock market


Purchase when put-call ratio is 1 or less than 1 sell when it is 2 or more than 2
Purchase when PE ratio is 10 and dividend yield is 3%
Sell when PE ratio is 20 and dividend yield is 1.5%---- when PE ratio increases dividend yield decreases.
Which stocks to buy:
The market price should be less than intrinsic value.
It should comprise 10-15 stocks.
Identify five sectors that are going to gain the most from the economic development in the future.
Look for two-three value stocks from each sector.
How to find a value stock:
Price to book value: Book value= Total tangible asset minus total liabilities----- if the market price is less than book value, it is worth buying. That means it should be less than one. Price---earning ratio (P/E ratio) = market price of a stock divided by earning per share (EPS)- it reflects the premium that an investor is willing to pay for the current profitability of the company. The future profit growth rate is subject to an individual investor’s perception about the company, the industry to which it belongs and the impact of economic growth on the company/ industry. In a developing market like ours, a PEG multiple of 1.2 is considered a fair value and anything above that signifies that stock is over valued. However a low P/B value and PEG value makes question the company’s sound financial health.

Debt-equity ratio-It is total Debt divided by shareholders equity including reserves. It should be less than one. A high debt-equity ratio means larger part of profit goes in servicing the debt. Current ratio= Current assets divided by current liabilities. Companies having current ratio more than one are well capitalized to meet the short term obligations. However a very high current ratio means idle assets that reflects the inefficiency of the management.
Quick ratio=Current assets –inventories/ current liabilities. The quick ratio denotes how dependent the company is on its existing inventories and liquid assets. A higher quick ratio compared with other peer group companies implies the company is less dependent on its inventories to meet short term liabilities and hence better managed than other companies.
Working capital=current assets –current liabilities. The higher the number the better is the position of the company.

Arijit Bhattacharyya


Machine learning is well greeted with a certain amount of caution by game developers. AI s are getting smarter in virtual worlds. The year 1952, marks the earliest instance of Artificial Intelligence in games. Though the video game developers have used artificial intelligence for animating the characters encountered by the players, the non-playable characters are based on the rules coded by humans. Using the AI technology, the future NPCs will definitely program and reprogram their own rules on the basis of experience encountered in games. In the process getting smarter the longer they play.
A game has two distinct categories, that has grabbed the attention of computer scientist, software developers and also machine learning researchers. Games of perfect information where we know about all the aspects of the game. Games of imperfect information, where some aspect of the game is unknown to players. As a complex game exists in both categories, the distinction in player knowledge has significant ramification about how AI can tackle the games.
Use of Machine learning in games of perfect information. In the Game Chess and Go, both the players can easily visualize the entire board and also a location of every piece on the board. In the game Super Smash Bros, combatants can see the entire map and even exact location of every other combatant. Machine excel in these sort of games, currently overpowering even the best in humans.
Of more interest are the games where the number of possible positions, are too vast, even for supercomputers to brute force. These techniques vary on the basis of games. So let's take a look at the few case studies of machine learning, in popular board and also video games of perfect information.

Super Smash Bros: This is a popular hand to hand fighting game franchise that features the most popular characters from Nintendo's empire of games. The game has a vibrant competitive scene. This includes professional players regularly competing for five-figure prizes in the tournament. SSB differs from chess and Go. SSB is a nonturn taking game. The players make action, thus anticipating their opponent action while making their own. Smash Bot is an ideal example of a classic game having a rules-based expert system. This is essentially a more sophisticated version of the chain of the if-then statement. This is based on a knowledge built into AI. Smash both are making decisions on a 4 tiered hierarchy of objectives: Goals, Strategies, Tactics, and Chains. Each objective ideally inspects the current game state. This decides which lower level objective will be the best.
In spite of having an overwhelming dominance, over human, the domain-specific approach of Smashbot, doesn't make it interesting for the researcher.
Machine learning in gaming, definitely promises to bring profound effect on both the games and also the areas which are unrelated. Professional chess completely transformed by the introduction of computers. This reveals the hidden flaws in the previously unquestioned analysis.This enables the players to easily train with the database of millions of competitor's past games. This also enables providing new tools to allow next generation of players improves even more rapidly than the predecessor.
The virtual world is an ideal training ground for AI s to learn even before releasing into the real world. It's quite clear that the machines can't brute force their way to victory, in messy, imperfect games. In a game totally human as Starcraft II, will an AI not only play better than a human but also like a human.

startup team


Rooster: If you want to build a team, you need a person who act like a rooster, a rooster never eats alone, if he got some amount of food, it will shout and ask others to join in, it shouts in the morning and call everyone to start the day... find someone like this.
Rhino: In life, while doing business you needs this character that should have skin like Rhino, act like the same; strongly needed to grow your venture. He will take things forward in a way, where your “Baby – The Venture” is protected. Remember Rhino is one of the key people; never forget to compensate him/ her “Best “you can give.
Swan: You know, when we read book, we don’t gain knowledge, knowledge needs to be extracted, it’s said if you mix water and milk and give that to Swan, she will only extract the best… That’s the reason goddess “Saraswati” do have symbolic real life animal as Swan... Listen to everything, but take only knowledge. If you have some-one in your team like this, she/he is the best person you have.
Tiger: This is the guy you need to feed-on, he will ask for meat (the money), and will run for you; act for you, sometimes you (The Startup) might be the Tiger, it will bring prey for the organization.. This can’t be done by a Lion, understand the strength and risk of taking this gentleman in team, he will be tough, rough, but he will roar for your “Baby”.
Owl: “Money/ Wealth” is always there in the dark, you need this instinct to find the wealth in the dark, grab it in proper time, it’s the best team-mate who understand how to roll your money and where to get it; this is one of the reason goddess “Lakshmi” do have symbolic real life animal as owl. He /she needs should be able to see things from the top and find “Wealth”, go and get it..
Snake: Snakes are able to adapt to different terrains and the harshest of environments. So as a human being we need to understand how to be adaptive. They will shed their overstretched skins so that they can grow a new one. Life is a series of new beginnings. We must be prepared and forget negative experiences that serve no purpose in our lives to start a new chapter, a new beginning so that we can focus on crafting a meaningful, exciting and fulfilling future. You need this person who relies on gut feelings, sometimes calculation don’t work in real life.
Elephant: Well, they are best caring people, who care for the team, have awesome memory, they walk slow but does things in steady way, unless they become MAD. You need to control this person, they usually gives a long term value to the organization.

This is a basic team if you are a less than 5 years old businesses, then you are startup, more than 5 years you should be a success.

Arijit Bhattacharyya


Whether you employ one person, or fifty, choosing the right employees can be a challenge. How do you know which of the job applicants will be worth their weight in gold, and which will give you a run for your money? Well, the “secret” to hiring the right employee is to give equal weight to five different factors:
Sometimes, the best applicant is not the one with 20 years of experience. Sometimes, the best applicant is not the one with the Master’s degree. Focus your interview questions around all five traits, and the “right” employee will emerge.
What if it’s a toss up? Look closely at the experience, because past experience is the best indicator of future success.

If you’re struggling with current employees, here are four guidelines to determine it’s time to let someone go:
You are doing (or re-doing) their work
They fail to reach their goals on a regular basis
The employee has not taken your admonishments to heart
They negatively impact other employees around them
Small business owners do not have the luxury of keeping poor or mediocre employees. You must keep only the best employees for your business. And, don’t feel guilty for letting go of inefficient or unproductive persons. You’re growing a business, not running a charity.
Plus, I’ve learned by experience that I’m not doing anyone any favors by keeping a bad employee around… not the employee, not my customers, not the rest of my staff, and not ME!



Past: Deprivation of a subjective past produces drowsiness, speech difficulty and a vague sense of meaningless---symptoms often seen in people suffering from retrograde amnesia.
Present: Elimination of present was found to be extremely disturbing with subjects becoming depressed, disoriented and exhibiting behavior bordering on schizophrenia
Future: If it is told that they would have no future, then they experience a loss of identity and a profound euphoric (a feeling of well being) mystical (divine) sensation. It cancels all fear of death and induced a sense of serene calm.
Those who believe on live in present or now, are oysters (selfish and secretive person—ready to yield profit or success-the world lies before me) and amoebas (ever-changing, answering alternately, responsive) and as we all know they don’t fear death and seem to live in the present.
Therefore for creatures of clocks, the burden of sentience (condemn)becomes unbearable when faced with issues of transient (short duration).


If you want to expand your business or looking for mentoring and investment support please be in touch.

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