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Arijit has nearly two decades of 3D, games, and VR development experience at all levels of the stack and on a number of platforms. He has been programming 3D, VR, and games engine since the 1997's.
He been a VRML coder, since 2006 and for the last several years he is leading a team of super cool coders and designers who amke amazing VR gased games and apps, his speciality is to make real human to a VR character and he has done several real models and actors and celebrities into 3D VR character. An entrepreneurial engineer with 21 years of C-level experience (15+ years of professional engineering)—consistently delivering successful bleeding-edge products to support business goals. He's an architect in innovative tech initiatives that add to and accelerate business revenue streams..

virtual reality


  • Algorithms control software and mechanical components in providing authentic physics-based interaction..
  • Photo realistic 3D interactive graphics.

  • Implemented ray-tracing techniques on desktop GPUs. It required in-depth general purpose GPU programming on a variety of APIs including OpenCL, CUDA, and DirectX.
  • Researched and implemented sophisticated rendering techniques using the PowerVR ray tracing hardware.
  • Realistically simulate medical procedures and include didactics, realistic tools, reactive anatomy, and physiological response and diagnostic displays.
  • Create engaging and authentic training experiences

  • Taught courses in C#, VRML, C/C++, 3D, OpenGL, Volume Rendering, Python, JAVA, SQL Server, 3D Max, Gimp, Blender

  • Made dozens of solo and collaborative indie games
  • Created my own artwork in Photoshop, and my own music in FL Studio. I have had formal music training and took sound synthesis classes. Technologies: Unity3D, C#, Visual Studio, Clickteam Fusion, C++, HLSL, JavaScript, HTML5, Pixi.js, PHP, Allegro, DirectX, FL Studio
  • Wrote custom scripts for sprite rendering which, at the time, outperformed both TK2D and Unity's native sprite rendering.
  • Created custom soft-body physics for the main character.
  • Developed a random level generation system.
  • Built various flashy visuals and particle effects.
  • Created various unique superhero and comics characters and wrote multiple comics stories


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Arijit Bhattacharyya